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W.W. Grigg GX Fly Rods

 W.W. Grigg
 SG Salmon Travel Rods

SG Salmon Travel rods are hand crafted from the finest components to ensure your satisfaction and success on the water.
The S-GLASS/GRAPHITE travel rods are, what we would consider "excellent" for getting there and catching fish. Designed to be what your looking for in strenght and action for a 3 pc rod.

Place your order by phone and receive a free fly reel key chain.    Toll Free: 1-877-994-7444

Model Cost Type Length Guides Action Line
SG753MC $101.95 3 Pc Cast 7'6" 8 M 8-20 lb
SG753MC     7'6"   3 pc 8-20 lb   Cast   W.W. Grigg Salmon Rod

SG856-3XHC $117.95 3 Pc Cast 8'6" 10 XH 15-30 lb
SG856-3XHC    8'6"   3 pc 15-30 lb   Cast   W.W. Grigg Salmon Rod

SG856-3XHS $117.95 3 Pc Spin 8'6" 7 XH 15-30 lb
SG856-3XHS    8'6"   3 pc 15-30 lb   Spin   W.W. Grigg Salmon Rod
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